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JS1–3 is a brand-new course for Junior Secondary (JS) 1–3 based on the learning targets and objectives for Key Stage 3 outlined in the 1999 English Language syllabus for Secondary 1–5.

Designed for students who want to excel in New Senior Secondary (NSS) 1–3, the Longman Elect JS1–3 course is centred on six lively coursebooks which combine a strong focus on reading, vocabulary and grammar with a rich Language Arts and Non-Language Arts component that is integrated into a task- and project-based framework. 


Coursebooks Teacher's Books  

The six coursebooks in the Longman Elect JS1–3 series follow a theme-based approach to task-based learning. Each coursebook contains four units, all of which have a pre-task section, an integrated task, a Language Arts task and a self-assessment. The units are followed by a skills-based assessment and a project focusing on one or more of the NSS Electives.


Coursebooks Teacher's Books    


The Teacher's Books for Longman Elect JS 1–3 contain all the pages of the Student Books complete with overprinted information for teachers. They also include interleaved pages with practical teaching ideas and plenty of user-friendly features.



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